Friday, March 18, 2011

Ms. Coulters Radioactive Pills: Good for both Man and Beast


It may take a little explanation here to show just how bat-shit insane Ms. Coulter is, and how dangerous her "advice" is.

She can cite studies all she wishes; she has no understanding of what radiation is, nor what the people of Japan are being exposed to.

We're not dealing with just radiated energy from a source, like standing in front of an X-ray machine. The reason high levels of radiation are being measured in the air is due to airborne particles from steam vapor and smoke fumes. These microscopic particles settle over an area and increase the radiation exposure because the particles are radioactive due to their once being part of the nuclear fuel in the reactors. Even if they are washed away, they are still radioactive where ever they accumulate. The size of the tiny particles does not determine the level of radiation they emit. A smaller particle of plutonium can emit more radiation than a larger particle of cesium137.

The difficulty in understanding radiation is that we speak of safe levels, but only in terms of the amount of damage done at the time of exposure. The body can only heal so much, very slowly. Exposure to intense radiation is harmful, even fatal. But repeated exposures to low levels of radiation can be just as harmful, but over a longer period of time. So if radioactive particles are settling over an area, the increase in radiation is not just for the moment, but for years--perhaps decades. What's worse is when microscopic particles are eaten, drunk or absorbed into the body, a very real danger in Japan.

Exposure to radiation, no matter the dosage, is cumulative. The body can treat radiation injury as a burn, but only to certain point. After that even the body's defenses can become a threat, such as elevated white blood cell production.

Radiation is a danger all it's own, because it's radioactive. We have no comparisons in Nature, such as burns, injuries or toxins that explains the harmful effects of radioactivity and the way it causes damage by emitting atomic particles.

Just as cancer itself is not fully understood, the very effort to link cancer prevention to exposure to radioactive sources for media attention is not just absurd, but contemptible.

The willful ignorance as Ms. Coulter practices is a menace to those who believe her, or anyone like her. She is not revealing any sort of cancer-radiation deception; she is dangerously--perhaps deliberately--exposing all of us to a greater threat of stupidity and arrogance.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ronald Reagan smiles from the grave

The next few days are going to be even more revealing in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker has achieved his tear-filled dream of stripping the citizens of his state of their First Amendment rights (peaceful assembly and petition to address grievances). I'm sure freedom of the press will be going into the crapper soon.

We'll then find out why it was so important for the citizens to be deprived of their collective bargaining rights:  Walker will cut all state employee pay (except his own) across the board. Naturally state employees will rally to protest, whereupon Walker--emotionally chocked with gratitude--will then fire all protesting state employees. Be sure he will single out teachers for the hardest blows of the axe--for some reason he really hates teachers.

With the (illegal) firing of his state employees, Wlaker will then make up the $140 million budget shortfall he created by funneling money to his cronies.

Conservatives have stressed in their political campaigns that local governments need to be run just like a business, a corporation. And Walker is running his state just like a CEO would. At the end of the quarter, make up for budget shortfalls by laying off employees and reducing employee benefits.

And in a corporation CEO's only have to answer to their investors, not to their customers, nor to their employees. But unlike a corporate CEO, governors are subject to recall.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Worth repeating 003

"The ultimate test of any political movement is whether, on Election Day, that movement can defeat the politicians who crossed it. In order to get elected officials, beltway media, organizational leaders and other decision makers to take you seriously, the specter of electoral defeat is the only iron-clad, 100%-effective method."

from Daily Kos

Vitodito - Valencia (eleven.five Remix)

If we can keep making music like this, then I still have hope for our future.