Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Bottom Line of a Spreadsheet

I flat-out cannot understand how a person can stare at the bottom line of a spreadsheet and come to the conclusion that denying healthcare for millions of people is a good thing. Such thinking is alien to any humanistic outlook, revealing the mindset of someone inhuman, a true monster. Worse, proponents of this cruel and needless process attempt to cloak it in a twisted form of reason, whipping up mass hysteria among their supporters, fed on mythology and bigotry, who call it patriotism. All concealing the stark fact that someone in power sentenced many, many people to die, all for the sake of ideological revenge against a nation that dared elect a man of color into the White House.

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Vitodito - Valencia (eleven.five Remix)

If we can keep making music like this, then I still have hope for our future.